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Ring Size Guide

As a quick guide:
Size 6 = Extra Small
Size 7 = Small
Size 8 = Medium
Size 9 = Large
However, to know your ring size as accurately as possible, please use the following guide:
Use the easy guide below to choose the correct ring size.
Paper or string
STEP 1: Cut a strip of paper or string that you can wrap around your finger.
STEP 2: Wrap the paper around the base of your finger, as tight as you possibly can without ripping the paper. If using string just make sure it's extremely firm. Then mark where the two pieces overlap. The length of the paper or string you've measured in mm is the circumference of your finger.
STEP 3: After finding this measurement, double-check you've measured it as tight as possible, then check our conversion chart below and find your corresponding ring size.
All Leonessa Gold rings are in USA sizes.
Circumference (mm) Circumference (inches) Ring Size
51.9 2.04 6
54.4 2.14 7
57 2.24 8
59.5 2.33 9