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Article: Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

It took us a long time to come up with the perfect name for this brand...and we are so proud to introduce Leonessa Gold.

Leonessa means "lioness" in Italian and we think it sums up perfectly what we are trying to achieve with our jewellery. 

Jewellery has always been a way of expressing yourself to the outside world, but we believe that jewellery can be so much more powerful than that. It can be used to represent the woman you are becoming and remind you of who you truly are.

We want you to remember your personal power every time you put on a piece of Leonessa Gold jewellery. We want you to feel strong, unstoppable and confident when you are wearing it. 

You'll notice that every piece of jewellery comes with its own mantra. You can say this out loud to yourself every time you put on your jewellery or repeat it throughout the day.

So, which piece will you start your journey with?

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